Family-friendly dental care for special needs patients

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Our office stands out for several reasons, starting with our people. Specially trained clinicians and team members are uniquely equipped with behavioral and environmental techniques to ensure a successful visit. Appointments are designed to allow the patient time to get comfortable and acquainted with the team. Our sensory room is a patient favorite that offers a calm and relaxing environment with tactile elements as well as unique lighting and sounds. We incorporate similar features throughout the office. Each operatory has sensory capes on the lights for a calming environment and a TV on the ceiling to provide distraction during treatment.

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What to Expect


We believe in providing each patient with a unique experience that best suits their individual needs. Our team will ask you to complete a form that helps us prepare to fit in the patient’s theoretical box and ensure they never feel confined to one that isn’t the right fit.


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Tap to reveal Step 1 Say hi to the front desk.
Tap to reveal Step 1 Wait my turn in the sensory room.
Tap to reveal Step 3 Sit in the big chair. Take a picture of my teeth.
Tap to reveal Step 4 Put on cool glasses.
Tap to reveal Step 5 My dentist puts on gloves and mask.
Tap to reveal Step 6 My dentist looks at my teeth.
Tap to reveal Step 8 My dentist brushes my teeth.
Tap to reveal Step 8 My dentist brushes my teeth.
Tap to reveal Step 9 Pick a toy. Get my clean teeth kit.
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That’s Never Happened Before


A phrase we commonly hear in our office is, “That’s never happened before.” That’s because we go above and beyond to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient, while striving to create a welcoming, comfortable environment. This helps patients enjoy a successful visit while helping to make proper oral health achievable between office visits.

Patient Stories

Benjamin's Story

Benjamin is just one of the 52 million Americans with a disability who have struggled to obtain adequate oral care. Fortunately, his story has a healthier, happier ending than many.

Kevin's Story

Kevin is one of the many Americans with special needs whose oral healthcare was suffering. We’re proud to say he now has a dental home for life and a smile that makes us smile, too.

Chanel's Story

Chanel needed dental care but struggled to find a provider who treated adult patients with disabilities. Now with her dental pain subsided, she can eat (and smile) properly again.

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We are pleased to offer resources for you and your loved ones. These organizations are here to help you along your journey.

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What to Expect

We want every patient to feel as comfortable as possible—for every visit. Here’s how we go about making that happen.

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Our Mission

As part of the PDS® Foundation, our mission is to improve overall health by improving oral health through opportunities to serve locally, nationally, and internationally.

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